New Version Released (v1.2)

It’s been several months since the last program update was released. AutoBackorder hasn’t disappeared though! In fact, the software is still very much alive and there are lots of new updates planned for the upcoming months. Today I’m happy to announce the release of Version 1.2, which includes a number of big changes and updates to it. I’ll try to highlight all of the different updates for everyone below.

Scheduling Option Has Been Added – Multiple users have requested the ability to schedule their drop catch requests so they can hold off on submitting them until the last possible minute. This has now been added and users have the ability to schedule what day/time they want the software to kick off and submit requests!

Bulk Domain Availability Tool Update – The bulk domain availability checker tool gives you the ability to load large lists of domain names that you want to check availability on. This tool was completely re-written for this update and now runs a little faster. If you need to check availability for thousands of domains this is the tool to use!

The two new changes above are just the beginning of new things you can expect to see within our automated domain backorder software this year. There are lots of things planned so expect some big changes! If you haven’t already purchased your copy then I recommend picking one up today. As more features and backorder outlets are added the price of this software could go up.

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