New Version Released (v1.1)

AutoBackorder version 1.1 was released to the public yesterday and those who currently have it installed will be prompted to update automatically the next time it’s launched. This new release contains some excellent features which I’ll go into more details about further below. Before doing so, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of our users for their wonderful support and feedback! AutoBackorder was launched the first day of August and has already received some fantastic feedback. We’re constantly working on new ideas and things to add into the software so if there is anything is particular you would like to see please reach out to us!

New Updates for Version 1.1
Updates to the Bulk Availability Checker – For those who take advantage of the bulk availability checker you will like the new features inside! You can now test even more domain extensions, plus send multiple domains in every request!
Added DynaDot Backorder OptionDynaDot has now been added as the seventh registrar to submit your backorder requests into automatically! DynaDot is a great option for submitting domain backorders and their success rates are fairly high.

As always, check back to our blog in the future for even more news and updates about AutoBackorder.

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