Which Backorder Company is the Best

There are dozens of different companies out there to choose from when it comes to backorder a domain. Some are more successful than others, some cost more than others, some offer different extensions than others, and a whole variety of other factors play a role. When we talk about which domain backorder company is really the best, the answer is it kinda depends.

What kinds of domain names do you normally chase? Is there allot of competition and other backorders getting placed for the same domain? What kind of budget are you on? These are a few of the big questions you should ask yourself when you want to place domain backorders. Below are a few of the top recommendations for placing backorders. These companies all charge a fair price and also have a decent success ratio.

DynaDot Backorders – The DynaDot backorder system has really improved over the last six months. Their success rate has gone up quite a bit and their prices are extremely affordable. This place is definitely worth submitting your backorder requests into!

PheenixPheenix is another backorder company which has really been building up their back-end over the last year or so. They have a great success rate and similar to DynaDot, their pricing is extremely affordable as well. One downside is that Pheenix does use an auction system if the same backorder is placed by multiple people!

Hexonet Backorders – This is a pretty solid option for those wanting to backorder ccTLD’s. Hexonet offers just about every gTLD or ccTLD you can think of so those wanting to backorder exotic extensions and things like that should consider these guys. Their backorder prices are pretty affordable as well!

BackorderZone – BackorderZone is a smaller outlet which offers fair pricing like the others I’ve listed above. BackorderZone doesn’t have as high of success rates as the other ones listed but they are worth a submission here and there!

One thing to remember is that it never hurts to submit a domain backorder into multiple outlets. While some companies make you have a pre-paid balance to place a backorder request, not all do. The more companies you have trying to backorder the domain – The higher your chances are of getting it through one of them. Even if a pre-paid balance is required, in the end you’re only going to be paying the outlet who was successful in catching it for you!

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