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I wanted to write up a quick blog post to get things rolling and let everyone know a little bit more about this website and the AutoBackorder software package as a whole. Although AutoBackorder is still in its late development stages – It’s almost complete and is looking to be a very useful tool for anyone who submits domain backorders on a regular basis! The overall purpose of this software is to let you submit a list of domain backorder requests to multiple companies with just one click. We all know the best way to increase your odds of successfully catching a domain name via backorder is to submit that backorder request into as many drop catchers as possible. That’s exactly what this application does for you!

Submit Multiple Domains – Users have the ability to enter and backorder as many domains as they want!

Multiple Backorder Companies – Users have the ability to submit domain backorders into at least five different backorder companies with just one click! These companies currently include DesktopCatcher, Hexonet, NameJet,, and Pheenix.

These are just a few of the highlights. Whether you backorder domain names for the purpose of development or flipping – AutoBackorder is guaranteed to save you time and increase your chances of successfully grabbing more of the quality domain names you want!

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