How It Works

The process of backordering expired domain names has never been this easy! Our user-friendly Windows application makes the process of backordering multiple domains with multiple websites fast and simple. Every domain investor knows the best way to increase your odds of owning top quality expired domains is to backorder them with as many outlets as possible. In the end, you only end up paying the outfit which was successful in catching your desired domains. By submitting into multiple outfits you will end up having multiple companies trying to register the same domains for you. More companies chasing these domains will increase your chances of becoming the proud new owner of it. Our software uses the latest API technology from seven of the most popular and successful backorder websites to help you successfully catch more deleting domains! Save yourself extra time on a daily basis by submitting all of your desired domain requests in just one quick batch. Forget about ever having to manually submit another domain name backorder request again!

Setup Your Backorder Details

The first step is deciding which outlets you want to use for placing backorder requests. It’s best to read through the eBook (included with each sale) in order to learn a little bit more about how to setup each backorder service. You’ll also learn more about the pricing and other requirements needed to create accounts with each outlet. Read some of the basic details about each website by selecting them under the Features menu at the top of this page. Details will be automatically saved after running AutoBackorder for the first time.

Add Domains to Backorder

Now that you’re accounts are setup you can begin adding the expired domains you want to backorder. Paste your domain list (without http:// or www) into the “Domains to Backorder” box and make sure there is only one domain per line. Then, check the boxes located on the left hand side to enable the outlets you want to submit these backorders into. If you want to submit the requests at a certain time then click the “Enable Scheduler” box and set the scheduler for whatever time you want the software to automatically start!

Press the Start Button

The final step is to press the Start button and let the software do its thing! If you have the scheduler feature enabled then you should see red “Waiting to Start” text that will disappear when the software is scheduled to start. Otherwise, the software should start instantly and begin submitting all of your domain backorder requests into each outlet that you have selected on the left hand side.

Three simple steps are all it takes to begin submitting multiple backorders into multiple outlets automatically. Save yourself time and increase your chances of getting more successful catches by submitting your domains into multiple websites each day!

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