PRnator recently opened its doors on the domain backorder portion of their website. Users are now able to submit their domain requests automatically when using this software! PRnator is a great option for placing gTLD requests and their pricing is extremely affordable. Our software makes it both fast and simple to submit each of your domain backorder requests into PRnator each day automatically! Before you start submitting your requests into PRnator automatically, please make sure you fulfill each of the necessary requirements below.

PRnator API Requirements

  • No API requirements.
  • A valid Name & Email is required for contact regarding your order (if successful).
  • PRnator Backorder Details

  • Backorders cost $35USD each. If more than one person places a backorder on the same domain and PRnator successfully catches it then that domain goes into a private 3-Day auction between only those who placed a backorder on it.
  • You will need to create an account with PRnator and deposit funds to cover your requests. These funds are refundable!
  • PRnator Supported Domain Extensions

    COM – NET – ORG – BIZ – US – INFO – MOBI

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