One of the oldest and most well known domain backorder outlets is NameJet. This established company (owned by eNom) knows what it takes to drop catch good quality expired domain names. With dozens of registrars under their control, they have an extremely high success rate catching most major extensions. The biggest downside is that it can be difficult to get your account approved for API access. NameJet only offers API access to accounts which backorder large amounts of domains through them frequently. We recommend those who want to use AutoBackorder with NameJet specifically follow the steps below and make sure you can get approved for API access before downloading. Once approved for API access, you can download and submit all of your backorders into NameJet automatically!

NameJet API Requirements

  • First, you must create an account with NameJet
  • Next, follow the 3 steps Here to obtain API access.
  • Input your login, password, and minimum bid into AutoBackorder and save it!
  • NameJet Backorder Details

  • There is no cost to place a backorder request through NameJet. Domain auction winners will be required to pay the backorder amount entered by the user for single bidder auctions, and will pay the highest winning bid auction price for any multi-bidder auctions.
  • You must have a credit card on file to cover backorder charges. No prepay is required!
  • NameJet Supported Domain Extensions

    COM – NET – ORG – BIZ – INFO – TV – ME – US – MOBI – PRO – CO – COM.CO – NET.CO – NOM.CO – LA – CC

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