One of the older and more reputable registrars online is Hexonet (1API GmbH). Although domain backorders aren’t the main focus of their business, Hexonet does have a fairly solid success rate when it comes to drop catching. Their prices are slightly higher than some of the others, but they do offer a variety of ccTLD extensions which many of it’s other competitors do not. Download and begin using AutoBackorder right now to automatically submit all of your domain backorder requests directly into Hexonet with just one simple click!

Hexonet API Requirements

  • First, you must create an account with Hexonet.
  • Next, prepay enough funds to cover your pending backorders.
  • Finally, input your username and password into AutoBackorder.
  • Hexonet Backorder Details

  • Backorders cost at least $59USD each. If more than one person places a backorder on the same domain and Hexonet successfully catches it then that domain goes into a private auction between only those who placed a backorder on it.
  • You must have enough prepaid funds to cover pending backorder submissions at least 24hrs before their drop date.
  • Hexonet Supported Domain Extensions

    ASIA – BIZ – CA* – CC – CH – COM – DE – INFO – LI – ME – MOBI – NET – NU* – ORG – SE* – TV – US
    Extensions marked with a * are first come/first serve

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