Another option for submitting your gTLD domain backorder requests is DesktopCatcher. While domain backordering isn’t the main service offered through this website, a number of gTLD’s are offered and the pricing is pretty reasonable. Backordering is extremely easy with no API or prepaid funds required to submit your requests. The highest success rates come from submitting less competitive domains into this outlet. AutoBackorder makes it fast and simple to submit all of your backorder requests into DesktopCatcher with just one click!

DesktopCatcher API Requirements

  • No API requirements.
  • A valid Email is required for contact regarding your order (if successful).
  • DesktopCatcher Backorder Details

  • Backorders cost $35USD each and are on a first-come/first-serve basis. There are no auctions.
  • Payments are only accepted via PayPal and only required if successful.
  • DesktopCatcher Supported Domain Extensions

    COM – NET – ORG – INFO – BIZ

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