Turning a Domain Backorder Into Cash

People are always asking me how I make money from expired domains. To be honest, the process does take some time and effort, but what you get in return can sometimes be extremely rewarding! Truth be told, when it comes to hunting and flipping recently expired domain names I use two different processes. For some, I prefer to throw them into my drop catcher and try to register them manually. When we’re talking about ccTLDs or less competitive domains this is the better option because it’s much cheaper. However, when it comes to the higher demand and more competitive types of domains I prefer to use the backorder process instead. My post today is going to focus on that second option, backordering.

The first step to flipping good expired domains is to find them. I prefer to use ExpiredDomains.net for hunting down good domains to backorder. The process of doing this is pretty simple, but it requires you creating a free account with them. Once your account has been created you can login and click the Marketplace Domains tab at the top. Next, click the Pending Delete tab. You’re now browsing all domains which you can go and place backorders for. I suggest clicking the red show filter link towards the top of that page and filtering names by age, drop date, extension..etc.

The initial step can take a while. Looking through thousands of domains every couple of days does take time and patience, but you can often find some really good gems amongst the crap! When you think you’ve discovered a good name you should do some research on it. Look at the term (without its extension) in Google and Yahoo to see if you can find any potential businesses that have similar domains. If the name looks promising you will want to submit your backorder request for it. I recommend using the software right here at AutoBackorder to handle that!

By this point you should have your domains researched and picked, your backorders submitted, and hopefully you now successfully own at least a few of your desired domains. Now that you own them it’s time to go back over to the search engines and look up those other potential buyers again! Look through their websites, search Google or LinkedIn and try to find a good contact email for someone working there. Don’t contact them through website contact forms or at email addresses like sales@ or info@. The goal at this point is to try and find someone who is a decision maker, not some customer service representative who is simply going to delete your email. Dig up someone who can either make decisions or know the person who does. Send them a short, customized email letting them know you own a similar domain and they might be interested in owning it. If they respond you can then move further with them by sending them a price and other details. Consider using a website like Escrow.com to complete your domain sales. Escrow will act as a third party throughout the sale and guarantees no one will get ripped off. It’s completely safe and Escrow is BBB certified with top-notch reviews everywhere.

That about sums up the entire process for you. Now you just rinse and repeat! Search for domains, research them, backorder them, and then start contacting potential buyers by trying to reach the decision makers inside the company. Once you do, come up with a fair price and complete your transactions through Escrow. You’re now making extra money just by backordering and flipping expired domains!

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  1. steve says:

    That’s why I never get a reply when I’m contacting websites about a possible sale! I ALWAYS [used] to use the contact forms and not once did I get a reply, now I know why! I feel rather stupid now for not thinking about my approach. Thanks.

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