Domain Names Worth Backordering

With so many domains dropping each day it can be a little tough deciding which ones are really worth backordering and which ones aren’t. Why backorder some domains and pay the high fees when you could probably just drop catch and register them yourself? While some domainers prefer to backorder only a few domains which are of the best quality each day, others backorder dozens and some don’t even require it! I’ll do my best to try and explain the two in my own opinion below.

Domain Names Worth Backordering
I probably don’t need to explain a whole ton here. Most premium domains in almost any extension will require a backorder. Valid PR4+ domains with good SEO metrics will also almost always require a backorder. Same with domains in high demand like one-word COM/NET/DE domains. Some good types of domain names worth backordering and investing in right now include 4-Number NET/CC domains, Premium one-word COM/NET domains, and 4-Letter COM domains.

Domain Names Not Worth Backordering
To those who backorder domains for SEO purposes, domain names with less than a PR3 (even with good SEO metrics) do not require a backorder. For domain investors, many of the less common gTLDs like TV/ME/BIZ don’t require a backorder. Other types of domains which usually don’t require backorders include 3-Letter IN domains, Premium one-word .INFO domains, and domains with good SEO metrics (MozRank/DA/PA/TF) that have low PR.

But wait, what about the different prices of the backorder companies? Should you submit all domain backorders into someplace like NameJet or SnapNames which is more expensive than cheaper places like DynaDot or The answer to that is, it depends. If you think multiple people will be placing a backorder on the same domain then it’s best to backorder them at as many places possible. If you feel that it’s a domain not in very high demand which may only have 1 or 2 backorders out there then you only need to submit your requests at the smaller (and cheaper) outlets.

The main reason I wrote this post was to try and save some domainers a little extra cash. While backordering is required for some types of domains, others really don’t require it and you could probably save more money drop catching them yourself using a piece of software like DesktopCatcher. Take this into mind and don’t forget, our software can automate most of the backorder process for you. Purchase your copy of AutoBackorder and begin submitting all backorder requests with just one click! It’s a great way to save yourself extra time for handling other tasks besides submitting backorder requests!

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