Domain Backorders Can Improve SEO

The process of backordering expired domain names used to seem like a “secret.” One that was only being used by people who were actually in the domaining industry. For a while it seamed like they were really the only ones who knew this type of service even existed. Times have changed allot since then and at this day in age more and more SEO professionals have started backordering domains for their own benefit. So, what is a domain backorder and how can it really improve your search engine optimization techniques? Continue reading below.

First let’s tackle the question about what domain backorders actually are. When a domain name expires and doesn’t get renewed it goes through what’s called a drop cycle before being released and available for new registration. Once it hits the final stage of the drop cycle (know as PendingDelete) people will have the ability to check online and see that it’s going to become available in the upcoming days (This can be done using the Expired Domain Lists section of our website). If it’s a domain someone really wants to own then they’ll visit one (or sometimes multiple) outlets online and place a domain backorder request for it. The backorder outlet(s) will then use their system(s) to continuously check for the domain to become available and then automatically register it for that customer once it’s been released. This process is done so quickly that someone else who may have wanted the domain and planned to try registering it by hand, won’t have enough time to do so. For that reason, anytime you place a domain backorder you have a very high chance of getting the domain!

The reason this helps SEO companies is because it’s the perfect way to pickup expired domain names that already have top notch SEO metrics on them. For example, good quality PR4/PR5/PR6 domains drop on a daily basis. By placing backorders on some of these domains you could take over ownership of them and develop a mini-site which has unique content and links going back to your client websites. Now you’re giving them some fantastic link juice off the domain you just took ownership of because someone else let it expire!

People in SEO aren’t the only ones who use the domain backorder process for their benefit. Domain investors have been doing so for years to take over ownership on highly profitable investment domains such as three-letter and premium one-word COM domains. In fact, anyone can use the backorder process if there is an expired domain that they want to take ownership of. Even if it’s your domain and you forgot to renew it in time!

AutoBackorder is the perfect software for any domainer or SEO company that plans on placing domain backorder requests! Signup with one or two backorder outlets and save your details inside the software. Once you do so the process of placing a backorder can be done anytime with just a few clicks. Load the software, enter your entire list of domains that you want to backorder, select your preferred outlets, and press Start – That’s it! Backorder 20 domains each day within about 10 seconds using this domain backorder software!

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