Domain Age and Backorders

For some people domain age is an important factor they take into consideration when trying to sell one of their domains. Lots of people think if they try to list or market a domain which was only registered one week ago that nobody will want it. The truth is, domain age really doesn’t matter to most buyers. If it’s a good name which they truly want, the age might not even be something they go and check. Still, lots of people want to know if they successfully backorder a domain (or drop catch it themselves) will that domain lose its “age” and be reset? The simple answer to this questions is… Yes!

Anytime you drop catch or successfully backorder a domain that means it has worked its way through the entire expiration process and was then freshly available for public registration. It was registered (so you could become the new owner) and was then given a new Creation Date. This means anytime you are the successful winner of a backorder auction then the domain you just won will have a brand new Creation Date. Keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to Pre-Release or Auction domain listings, only expired backorders.

Everyday we see good domains dropping. On some days we even see a few premium domains dropping and being backordered. Anytime those good names drop they get picked up by someone. If a domain like can have a creation date in 2013 and a domain like can have a creation date in 2015, I think it’s pretty clear that you shouldn’t be looking into domain age whether buying or selling. Great domains are dropped, backordered, and re-registered on a regular basis. Even premium names! So if you are making a big deal about domain age these days, it could be costing you some great names.

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