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If you backorder domains on a regular basis then you probably own quiet a few of them already. If that is the case then I certainly hope you aren’t just leaving them sitting there and not pointing anywhere! Domain parking is an excellent source for extra revenue and it’s a great thing to do when you own hundreds of domains that you can’t develop right away. The process of parking domain names is actually pretty simple. Pick and signup with a domain parking company, then add your domains into the account, and finally just go into your registrar and update the nameservers to those which are provided to you from the domain parking companies. Once you do this people who visit the domain will hit your parked page which will display ads to them, and you’ll earn money every time someone clicks one of them! Some domain parking companies pay more per click than others. Along with that, some will let you make more customizations to the parking pages than others. This is exactly why I’ve decided to compile a list of the best parking companies I have been able to find or use personally. All of these companies have a solid track record when it comes to paying members. On top of that, they all display the best quality of ads with the highest amount of money per click that you generate. Check them out, pick one and then get signed up. Once you join begin adding your domains and start making extra cash off your undeveloped domains today!

DomainApps – One of the nicest features with DomainApps would be the ability to customize your parking pages. Add content, links, and other apps to go along with your ads. Those who want to have more control over the page that visitors will hit might wanna use DomainApps instead of the others.

Bodis – Another great company would be Bodis. They have some great features that makes the buying and selling your domain (along with parking it) extremely easy. Not to mention, their system is completely automated which makes the process of adding new domains into your account very simple.

Voodoo – Great for those of you wanting in-depth analytics over your parked domains. Signup with Voodoo and you’ll be able to view great statistics over the traffic coming in. Voodoo also has a user friendly system which makes adding new domains into your account pretty fast.

ParkingCrew – A newer domain parking company that has been gaining traction over the past few years. ParkingCrew is somewhat similar to Bodis and they do payout on a NET-15 basis. One thing to keep in mind is that new accounts will need to be activated before sending traffic.

Since the process of backordering domains only applies to expired domains, I can imagine almost every person reading this probably has one or two previously developed domains in their portfolio. Expired domains almost always have little bits of traffic staggering into them and this means you should never let that domain sit without being either developed or parked. Get setup with one of the recommended domain parking companies above and start earning right away.

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